Street Department

David Coleman, Transportation Superintendent

The Macon Street Department is responsible for ensuring the safety and maintenance of approximately 50-miles of public streets and the corresponding miles of alleys and rights-of-way.

Routine maintenance responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Pot hole repair
  2. Snow removal
  3. Street resurfacing
  4. Storm water drainage (e.g. drop boxes, grates, ditches, culverts)
  5. Street sweeping (downtown area)
  6. Tree trimming/removal in street rights-of-way
  7. Painting of street markings and traffic lane lines
  8. Street sign Installation and maintenance
  9. Removal of road-killed animals from the streets
  10. Inspection of new and/or revised existing driveways


A permit is required for the construction of any new access driveway or the revision of any existing driveway which abuts upon the city right-of-way.  The permit is obtained from the City clerk’s office. The fee for the permit is $25.00 if using only hand tools to construct or revise the driveway.  If heavy equipment is used, the fee is $250.00.  However, there is no fee for a driveway permit provided the work is done by a contractor who is currently licensed and bonded with the City of Macon.  Upon completion of the driveway project, the Street Department will inspect it and if the project meets regulations as set forth in the Code of the City of Macon, the fee deposit shall be refunded to the permittee.

The Street Department also aids with special events held within the City by setting up street barricades during the events.  They are also available to set up traffic barricades in case of emergency situations such as fallen trees or branches in the roadway or downed power lines.