City Collector

Rebecca Sims

The Macon City Collector is an elected official serving unlimited 2-year terms.

The Collector’s Office is responsible for the administration and collection of city taxes and revenues for the City of Macon.  The collector’s office is also responsible for licensing all businesses located in or conducting business activities in the City.

Other responsibilities include:

  1. City Property Taxes
  2. Overseeing the tax sale for properties in the City
  3. Business License
  4. Liquor License
  5. City vehicle stickers
  6. Dog tags
  7. Golf cart, ATV/UTV Permits – with proper paperwork approved by the Macon Police Department

If you need additional information, or if you have any questions on City taxes, fees, business licensing, please contact the City Collector at the telephone number or address above.


Business License Form